7 Challenges Managers Have to Face

Management is a difficult job with many problems on the way.

Ivona Hirschi


Photo by Julia Larson

Management is like a garden full of roses.

It is pretty when you walk in. But when you take care of roses, you sometimes get hurt by their thorns. Plus, there are things out of your control like the weather.

Do you have a team? Then you can feel useless. Even if you try, things are not as you imagined. People do not perform well, budgets are cut, and you don’t have control over external events like Covid.

Management is a challenge. We often think managers are the main source of problems. Yet, we forget we don't make it any easier for them.

1. Your team is not satisfied and motivated

Everyone wants to work with easy-going people.

Managers want friendly teams too. It is difficult to manage a team full of strong personalities who hate each other. Even more when these people make a pledge against their manager.

Your manager can ruin your experience at work. But! Likewise, teams can be a huge burden on managers’ lives.

Even if you care, you sometimes fail to engage staff and make them happy. Motivation is low, people are stressed, and the general atmosphere is against changes. You hardly achieve anything.

Working as a manager myself, I know how difficult it is to not get emotionally engaged. In and out of work, some managers are constantly thinking about work. They sincerely wish to make things work.

But you can’t please everyone.

2. Install changes you don't agree with

Do you feel you have a choice in the corporate world? You might do it. Even if you disagree with a change, you have to support it.

One team is disbanded; others are merged, the revised structure is in place; a new service line is created. Some changes are made for the sake of making changes

When you receive the news you don’t like, people tend to blame their managers. Yet, managers often play a little role in making these changes.

In a big organization, someone…