8 Things That Make You a Better Manager

Set yourself apart from average and bad managers. Be the manager people do not want to leave.

Ivona Hirschi


Photo by Ono Kosuki

Everybody wants a stellar team and a supportive manager. Yet, how many of us have that luxury?

Successful managers are a rare species. When you have one, you are likely to be loyal to him no matter what. Pay them with gold. They make your teams successful.

You can be one of them. You do not have to change your personality or take expensive courses. All you need are a few habits that set you apart.

1. Be visible

Does it sound silly to you if I say that to be a great manager, you need to be seen? I have a friend whose manager is never around. He is either in his office or at meetings or somewhere. It is like when your parents are never home. It does not feel safe.

Manager’s presence gives you a sense of safety.

You don’t need to sit next to your team all the time. But it is wrong if you treat your office like a fortress or a castle. You cute princess who does not want to be disturbed. Meh.

In the morning, greet your team. Come along to find out how it is progressing. Join them for lunch or a coffee break. Give them the impression that you are approachable.

2. Avoid using corporate gibberish

“Deliver it ASAP.”

“Pick your fights.”

“Focus and perform.”

“I am looking into it.”

Companies are used to communicating in a certain way. If you are around for a while, you take over and speak like a baby doll. You repeat statements that are often not reasonable, meaningless, or hostile.

Watch out for your language.

As a corporate body, your team will not take you seriously. Be careful what and how you say things. Do they make sense? What if you hear them outside of your office bubble? Would you laugh about it?

Then you probably know what corporate gibberish is. Thus, you should use simple and understandable language.