How Great Leaders Talk to Their Teams

Communication is vital for the right expectations, values, and ultimately smooth teamwork.

Ivona Hirschi


Photo by fauxels

Do you talk to other people? Yes? Great.

Do you talk to them enough? Team communication experiences hiccups as people do not talk to each other enough.

Information circulation fails as one does not say something to another. You can forget. But that makes you a lousy manager.

Make sure everyone has all the information they need for their work. On top of that, communication is key. Without communication expectations create frustration. Teamwork is only pretended, and what's worse, no one dares to communicate.

Learn to talk. You will be surprised how much you can achieve by talking only.

Communication is everything

You can’t work without communication. You always discuss what, who, when, how, and why.

Communication is work. Work is communication.

As you always communicate with someone or something, you never work in a silo. The outcome depends on how well you communicate. Poor communication = poor results. On top of that, poor communication = poor relationships.

By talking to your coworkers, you set expectations and pace. Successful leaders give their teams purpose and a picture of the future: That is where we want to get. Then, they discuss with them how they get there.

The purpose glues teams together and highlights desired values. You cannot achieve that without communication. Leaders frequently talk to their teams. They know they need to keep the relationship running.

Communication is the fuel of relationships.

Communication creates trust

How do you build trust? By having a sterling character, being credible, helpful, and kind to others? People often say that what you do matters more than what you say. It is both.

Let us look at these scenarios and see what feelings they can trigger:

  1. Say and do = trust
  2. Say and don’t do = disappointment