How to Start With Coaching When You Are a Team Leader

A simple 5-step process for coaching newbies.

Ivona Hirschi


Photo by The Coach Space

Work is changing. As you live in a more volatile and fast environment, the necessity for continuous learning is more critical than ever. Expectations have changed.

Employees seek positive work experience and wish to be taken care of. Carrots and sticks are slowly replaced by intrinsic motivation and shift on well-being.

Great leaders do not focus on people being on time at work, how many mistakes they make, or if they follow rules and procedures. Managers should listen, support, and encourage self-management, mastering skills, and building trustworthy relationships and work environments.

Coaching can help with that.

Before you start coaching, consider…

There is such hype around coaching. Everyone says they coach. Yet, not everyone can coach.

Managers often think that overlooking coworkers and providing their best practice is coaching while in fact, that is rather a micromanagement.

Coaching in sports and at work has one thing in common — it helps people improve their skills, reach their goals, and ultimately become more successful. Coaching can positively impact your career and life.

When you coach someone, you listen to him and help him take an action. You use your experience to help them without pushing them to accept your solutions.

Coaching is about asking questions people do not consider themselves.

Coaching does not judge people but instead helps them understand what they want and how to get it. You have the answers but need to hear the right questions.

Take the first few steps to start…

Coaching is not rocket science. However, doing it for the first time from scratch could be quite challenging. Before you start, get at least a bit of feeling about how coaching works.

Do your homework by:

  • Finding some online resources and sample coaching videos
  • Trying to coach someone you trust to get…